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Our Mission is to make genealogy research fun and easy by providing a simple to use, fun, and informative, website that helps you to do your research and get results quickly.

We also believe in promoting and supporting local genealogy societies all over the world. These societies are a vital research tool and we are dedicated to helping users find their local genealogy society.

A library of quizzes and other interactive content published as a part of our newsletters. These quizzes and puzzles are fun, challenging, and informative. Test your knowledge and have some fun while you're at it.
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A library of articles to aid you in your research. We are always looking for quality submissions to add to the library and encourage users to contribute. The best articles will appear in our monthly newsletter.

All articles can be freely republished by any genealogy society provided that 1) the article is published without any changes (including links), 2) the author is cited correctly, and 3) a link or reference to is provided.
Links to over 1000 genealogy societies and associations. A great source of information. Many others have travelled the path you are on. Let them share their experiences with you and guide you on your way.
A library of book reviews published as a part of our newsletters. Every month we review a new genealogy book. Visit this section to see an archive of these reviews.
As an affiliate of we bring you only the best genealogy books and software - totally prescreened by our editorial staff. Please take a look and let us know if we're missing anything.
Family History Search. Using the power of Google Custom Search, you can search both articles and the internet. Our staff has customized family history search to bring you only the most relevant search results. This is an excellent tool to help you in your Genealogy Research.

We hope this website helps you and we're eager to hear from you with any suggestions you may have. Please contact us with any information, feedback, questions, or suggestions. We wish you the best of luck in your research and thank you for choosing

What's New?

Work on the new continues. At this point we don't have an exact time for the launch of the new version. We're likely targeting fall 2008. Additionally, no new newsletters will be released during this time as we continue to dedicate our resources towards the development of the new version of our site.

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